Die Cutting Services

Kansai Felt (M) Sdn Bhd. is premier industrial resource for Die Cutting. Our die cutting services includes variety of die cutting methods to convert materials into predefined shapes or sizes and provides custom die cutting to meet your exact specifications. High-speed precision die cutting equipment produces complex shapes in a variety of materials. Our quality standards are among the highest in the die cutting services industry. We offer a wide range die cutting services for a vast assortment of materials, from large bulk parts to intricate components.

We can provide you with prototype to production quantities of Gaskets, Seals, Insulators, Washers, Spacers, Discs, Circles, Bushings, etc., produced in a variety of paper, plastic & rubber materials, aluminium and silver foil, copper foil including:

* Ambic Himelon Non-Woven Fabric
* Lumirror® various polyester
* INOAC various polyurethane
* PORON® various type of high performance urethane foam materials
* Nitto Denko various type of adhesive and other material
* Daitac (DIC) various type of adhesive and other material
* Sony Chemical  various type of adhesive and other material
* TESA various type of adhesive and other material
* Dainaga various cork sheet
* Various supplier of polycarbonate / PVC / PET / PPE
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Electronic Industry Division

Various products are used inside electric appliances, such as lnsulation, sheilds, shock absorption, sound absorption.  We suggest suitable material as to customer's requests and process one into best solution with up-to-date equipments, our experiences.  Products for LCD, precision products are processed in Clean Room to keep them clean to delivery.

Applications - Main Industries

  • Electronic Industry
  • Computer Industry 
  • Stationery Industry 
  • Furniture Industry



The main product


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Automotive Industry Division

Automotive Industry Division already established to many Kansai Felt overseas subsidiaries.  However, in Malaysia and Singapore, the industry is very new to us.  We have plan to apply ISO TS in nearer future as to expand our wings in this industries.

Various material are used inside an automobile for interior parts, such as at ceiling, floor, doors and in trunk.
We process felt, formed material, industrial adhesive tape, plastic film to supply products for interior, shock absorption, sound absorption parts, as to any customer's requests.

We propose suitable materials which meet Envoironmental Impact Substances regulation to customers for thinking environmental problems.

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About Us - Kansai Felt (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Kansai Felt's wealth of experience has been providing a wide variety of die cut products to a spectrum of industries since 1992 (Malaysia operation). Our ability to serve virtually all your die cut needs is key to our quality and dependable service. We specializes in the production and fabrication of all non-metallic gasketing; rubber, sponge, cork, cork/rubber and more. Pressure sensitive adhesive, Low VOC and ETC are available on many of our materials. Our customer service is finely tuned to provide prompt accurate, and cost effective solutions to your die cut needs.

•Rubber Sponge
•Various Sponges
•Various PET, PC, PVC, PPE
•All Synthetic Elastomers
•Cork - Cork/Rubber
•Insulating Materials
•Electrically Conductive
•Adhesive Backed/ Pressure Sensitive
•Woven Fabric and Non-woven fabric

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